Using Surface in the classroom


When it comes to using tablets in the classroom, educators sometimes say “device” doesn’t matter—but that’s only true when you have the right device. Otherwise, users will be focussed on the constraints rather than the available technology.

While it’s always best to test tablets and other devices to find the tool that deploys the right hardware for the required tasks, Microsoft has created a powerful, multi platform educational device in the Surface 3 and Surface Pro 4.

Sketching, annotating, highlighting and drawing are important aspects of learning. These tasks are made easy with an interactive surface pen that allows you to write directly onto the paper-sized screen. But if you’re only using OneNote for taking notes, you’re missing out on the application’s true collaborative and organizational capacity—this multi-purpose tool is ideal for lesson planning, scheduling, streamlining workflows, and much more.

With the Surface’s lightweight style and extended battery life, you can easily move around the classroom to interact with students,  while projecting information onto the screen.

Teaching online? The exceptional web cam and audio functionality is perfect for live instruction.

A simple web search will net thousands of reviews and examples of how to use the Surface Pro 4 and Surface 3 in your classroom, but these links below provide concrete evidence of the tablet’s efficiency and effectiveness.

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