To introduce technology—or not?


The answer isn’t quite as simple as computer savvy technicians might have you believe—there are numerous factors to consider, even in this golden era of technological advancement.

As Laura Moorhead writes in her article, There’s No App for Good Teaching, “Introducing technology often winds up an awkward mash-up between the laws of Murphy and Moore: What can go wrong, will—only faster.”

Sound daunting? Luckily the Internet is overflowing with articles that not only help to narrow down the options, but also take a hard look at what—if any—technology makes the most sense for your class, and more importantly, your students.

Sarah Moxin nicely breaks it down in her article, Trading in the Whiteboard for OneNote and he Surface Pro, by using the SAMR model, which essentially looks at the four key ways to use technology in your class—substitution, augmentation, modification and redefinition.

Unfortunately, no amount of research can fully prepare you, as demonstrated by Beth Bacon’s blog post, which concisely outlines three potential problems you may encounter using tablets in the classroom, along with possible solutions.

Check out this informative article for further exploration of the pros and cons of tablet use in the classroom

Regardless of what technology you choose, we hope you consider Teachers Media for your online professional learning service. Register free at, or take a 21-day FREE trial of our Plus service to access more than 3,500 resources, including numerous videos on technology best practices.

On the blog tomorrow, we look at how tablets are truly fostering innovation in education.

— Teachers Media


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