Using your tablet for innovation in education


Collaboration is often touted as one of the cornerstones of 21st Century learning, a necessary competency that can be used creatively for innovation in both teaching and learning.

In this article, writer San Gliksman takes a look at six of these collaborative learning opportunities using iPads. How many of these ideas can you incorporate into your classroom?

Similarly, Andrew Robertson explores the innovative potential of the Surface Pro by looking at real student and teacher data compiled after interviewing several users. Each of these five mini case studies offers a quick tip for using your Surface in the class.

And, for more case studies, take a peek at Stephen Noonoo’s article, How 5 Inspiring Tablet Classrooms are Changing Education.

In what innovative ways are you using tablets in the classroom? We’d love it if you’d share your experiences in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow when we explore some of the best available educational apps available for your tablet.

~ Teachers Media


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