Tips for using your tablet in the classroom


You’ve selected the appropriate device. Downloaded the right apps. Your tablet is powered up and ready to use.

So, now what?

If you’re new to technology, that next step can be daunting. But even if you’re a tech-savvy educator, working with a new device can be challenging. Sure, you could ask your students for help, but before you do, consider these time-saving tips gathered from blogs and articles across the globe.

What’s the best way to “search” on your Surface Pro 3? Writer Kevin Purcell answers this and 15 other questions in his fascinating article on mastering the Surface Pro.

To see five more cool things your Surface Pro can do click here, and be sure to check out this article for links to 50 resources that will guide you through the shortcuts and features of your iPad or Android tablet.

Still not convinced tablets are right for your classroom? We’ll leave you with this article by Julie DeNeen, who looks at 21 great reasons to consider using tablets in the 21st Century classroom.

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~ Teachers Media


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