Countdown to the Olympics: Engage your class with Teachers Media


The Summer Olympic games are more than just a spectator sport. As athletes from around the world gear up to compete on a global stage in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this summer, Aug. 5 – 21, Teachers Media International will be sharing innovative ways to bring the Olympics to your classroom.

Figuratively speaking, of course.

The games provide a unique opportunity to tie in subject matter—Maths, Geography, History, Biology, and more!—and help students understand why the Olympics remain the most-watched multi-day sporting event in the world.

Join Teachers Media International throughout June and July as we provide unique tips and strategies for including “sport” into your weekly lesson plans for a truly cross-curriculum experience. From story starters that incorporate the history, character, and successes of the games, and statistics and number problems put in the form of math brainteasers to interesting facts that will surprise you and your students, check back with us every Wednesday and Friday for ideas to get you through to the end of the school year.

Have some of your own Olympic ideas and ideas you’d be willing to share? Comment below or email us direct at

See you this Wednesday!

~ The Teachers Media Team


STORY STARTER: Cause & Effect

a6d43f9c364f2b0648e648a396af5e10Just when you thought it was safe to get out of the water…

By far one of the most famous occupants at #2 New High Street in Oxford, England is this shark, sculpted by artist John Buckley and installed—not without resistance from the community—by a man named Bill Heine.

In 1992, the Secretary of State for the Environment, successfully argued (after much debate) that the shark sculpture had become well-known—even well-loved—and as  a result, the Oxford Shark is now a popular landmark.

The 25-foot-long sculpture is certainly worth discussion, but it can also be an effective “cause and effect” writing prompt. Divide your class in two. One half will write a short story, paragraph, or poem about what caused this photo. The other half writes about the effects.

How effective are picture prompts in your English and Language Arts classes? What kind of images do your students best respond to?  Sound off in the comments—and of course, if the Oxford Shark fired up your students’ imaginations, we’d love to see what they’ve written.

~ The Teachers Media Team

Looking for more visual prompts? Try Pinterest, or searching for other writing resources such as this one.

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Did our #AtoZChallenge inspire your teaching?



From Australia to Zimbabwe and all countries in-between, the Teachers Media International blog looked at educational systems from around the globe, as part of this year’s #AtoZChallenge.

More than 1,300 bloggers took part this April and we know it would be impossible to follow them all—so we thank all of YOU who took time to read and comment on our posts. We hope you also found inspiration from the incredible educational efforts happening around the world—and where applicable, can apply some of these ideas and strategies in your classrooms and schools. Share your thoughts in the comments!

Although the #AtoZChallenge has come to an end, we encourage you to peruse our archives—and keep following the blog! As a global provider of professional learning solutions for the education sector, Teachers Media International is committed to bringing you best practice teaching from around the world. Watch our weekly posts for fresh ideas, or register for our platform service to access more than 3,500 resources including videos, articles, and professional learning packs.

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