Did our #AtoZChallenge inspire your teaching?



From Australia to Zimbabwe and all countries in-between, the Teachers Media International blog looked at educational systems from around the globe, as part of this year’s #AtoZChallenge.

More than 1,300 bloggers took part this April and we know it would be impossible to follow them all—so we thank all of YOU who took time to read and comment on our posts. We hope you also found inspiration from the incredible educational efforts happening around the world—and where applicable, can apply some of these ideas and strategies in your classrooms and schools. Share your thoughts in the comments!

Although the #AtoZChallenge has come to an end, we encourage you to peruse our archives—and keep following the blog! As a global provider of professional learning solutions for the education sector, Teachers Media International is committed to bringing you best practice teaching from around the world. Watch our weekly posts for fresh ideas, or register for our platform service to access more than 3,500 resources including videos, articles, and professional learning packs.

Again, thank you for joining us on our global trek of educational around the world.

~ The Teachers Media Team


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