World Teachers’ Day: Valuing teachers, improving their status

13064This Wednesday marks the 50th anniversary of World Teachers’ Day, created by UNESCO back in 1966 to appreciate, assess, and improve educators of the world.

This year’s theme, Valuing Teachers, Improving Their Status, shines a light on the need to support teachers in the Sustainable Development Goals as set out by UNESCO’s Global Education 2030 Agenda. For education, that means a focus on inclusive and equitable education and the promotion of lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Official celebrations kick off in France, 5 October, with a keynote speech from Marc Tucker, President of the National Center on Education and the Economy, followed by panel discussions with representation by a number of countries from across the globe. Check out the full agenda here.

Can’t make it to France? Not a problem. Everyone can help celebrate the profession by generating awareness about common—and specific—teacher issues. Spend some time with your school administration this week to discuss, compare, learn, argue, share, and improve.

In the classroom, consider activities that celebrate teaching, or create awareness about the profession, such as these writing prompts published last week on the Teachers Media International blog. Encourage students to write letters to teachers who have made an impact on their lives. Or have students create personalised cards or artwork.

Perhaps students would be interested in being a “teacher for a day” such as the kids in this cute video resource?

For some humourous accounts of teaching, check out our homepage this week and link to videos like this one, where six teachers recall funny and inspirational experiences from their teachers careers.

In what ways will you celebrate the profession this week? At Teachers Media International, we salute you and all that you do for our children around the world. We value you, and want to help you improve.

~ The Teachers Media Team


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