Writing prompt: Empowering women in education


Teachers Media International believes in gender equality for both males and females, but with yesterday being International Day of the Girl Child and this Saturday marked as the International Day of Rural Women, there has been a significant amount of “girl power” in the media, a good portion of which has been geared toward the U.S. presidential debate. No question, the 7 November vote will have a global impact.

As you gear up for election talks in your classroom, we thought it might be a great time to discuss with students the issue of gender equality—how far we’ve come, and how far we’ve yet to go. This Teachers Media International video is an excellent example of that when it comes to equal pay.

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While society as a whole has taken great strides toward gender equality, the leaders of the “girl power” movement are some of the most influential women in the world. Who are they? How have they impacted your life? Consider these questions to spark discussion as you review these following writing prompts with your students:


  1. Brainstorm with your class: What does influential mean? Who is the most influential woman you know? How does she inspire you? (Note: Most young children will cite their mother, aunt, grandmother, or other close relatives and friends here. This is a great time to write a poem, letter, or descriptive paragraph of appreciation.)
  2. What are some of the advantages of being a girl?
  3. Name three women you know who you look up to. What makes them so great? Why are they so important to you?


  1. Research a woman who was the first female to work in a traditionally male field. What kind of struggles did she face?
  2. If you could meet any influential woman, who would you choose? What questions would you ask her?
  3. Brainstorm a number of stereotypes people have about girls. (Ie: You throw like a girl!) Why can stereotyping be dangerous?

Consider your own classroom. In what ways are you promoting gender equality? Please feel free to share your ideas in the comments.

~ The Teachers Media Team


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