Dear New Teacher: Letters from the pros


Throughout September, we published a series of Dear New Teacher letters—advice for “rookies” from seasoned educational pros. The response was so wonderful, we couldn’t pass over these “last minute” words of wisdom from a teacher in London. After all, the learning doesn’t stop after the first month of teaching.

Dear New Teacher,

Teaching is one of those priceless jobs where each day is different and you never know quite what to expect when you walk into that classroom! It is extremely rewarding watching your class learn and grow throughout the year.

In all jobs there are always highs and lows. Paperwork can be one of the lowest points in teaching but if you keep on top of it (organisation) then the highs certainly outweigh the lows. Enthusiasm and lots of energy will keep you going even at the toughest of times!

And always remember to believe in what you are doing, don’t take it too seriously, and listen to constructive criticism.

T is for time (it goes very quickly)
E is for energy (you need it for those 30 children)
A is for answers (the ones you want your students to get correct)
C is for caring (each child is special)
H is for holidays (we need and deserve them)
E is for education (what every child needs)
R is for responsibility (the children are in our care)

~ Dawn Sutcliffe, a primary teacher from the UK

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Have a great weekend!

~ The Teachers Media Team


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