Expert Advice: Meaningful learning assessment


Meaningful assessment is about more than students’ grades, says Ken Royal, an education technology writer and editor with 34 years of classroom, school, and district-level experience.

“To get to the bottom of what’s really important, we need to begin by looking at two types of assessment for data collection,” he says in this new article for Teachers Media International, Meaningful Learning Assessment.

Royal outlines the various types of assessment, noting that educators who complete formative assessment effectively can find out what truly matters in their teaching and for student learning.

The key, he adds, is to accurately journal every student’s daily learning quest for each subject and class. Sound overwhelming?

“Well, you might be right if we were talking about last century student assessment,” he says. “But today, using technology solutions, that sort of assessment is not only possible to do, it isn’t difficult to do with many students, or just one.”

He adds that good and specific professional development for teachers is key to making formative assessment work, along with a solid learning plan for students as individuals.

The following videos—for secondary and primary—feature examples of the kinds of assessment tools Royal outlines in his article. For dozens more assessment video resources, or to read the full text of Royal’s article, register for Teachers Media International—our “Lite” service is FREE.

What assessment strategies are you using in the classroom? Sound off in the comments section!

~ The Teachers Media Team


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