Hot Topic: What can students around the world learn from the U.S. election?


The world is keeping a close eye on the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

While people from other countries may not be able to vote, it would be difficult—and foolish—to ignore the enormous influence the U.S. wields across the globe. Regardless of where you stand on the candidates and the issues, the 8 November vote will create a ripple effect that will be felt in classrooms from coast to coast and globally.

With just over two weeks until the big day, politics is sure to be a hot topic in your school. But what to teach?

Teachers Media International has a great selection of video resources that tackle tough topics such as global citizenship, the right to vote, and the fine art of the “debate.” In this video, for example, students at a school in the U.K. talk about how their school council works, providing great tips on how to host a successful debate, and most importantly, the most effective way to represent the views of others.

Throughout the next couple of weeks, we’ll feature a number of election-inspired resources on the Teachers Media International website, suitable for classroom use. If you’re not already registered, now’s a good time—our “Lite” service is FREE!

For well-thought out articles, take a look at the Emerald Publishing Group website, where up until 31 October, you can read and discuss a number of insightful articles with respect to the election, including this fascinating infographic: What might the “American Dream” look like by the year 2035?

 Of course, this is only a sampling of the resources you can access. What is available in your school? What methods are you using to talk about this hot topic, and the potential impact of the results, regardless of which candidate is elected into the Oval Office? Share—or debate—in the comments!

~ The Teachers Media Team

Note: “Header image: BY- DU Beat / Creative Commons”


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