LESSON PLAN IDEAS: Halloween as a cross-curricular experience



If you jumped at that, it may mean you’re not quite ready to celebrate Halloween in “spooktacular” fashion. In just a few days, ghouls and goblins, princesses, knights, and a plethora of Pikachu will be swarming the streets—and quite possibly gathering in your classroom Monday morning.

Not sure what to do with them? Teachers Media International has curated a few lesson plan ideas from our video archives, as well as drawn inspiration from teachers across the globe.

Halloween is a fun time for mathematics. Use pumpkins to estimate and measure weight and circumference. Discover the math woven into a spider’s web using angles, or create graphs based on the candy and sweets students anticipate receiving during an evening of Trick-or-Treating.

In this Teachers Media International mathematics video, a teacher turns herself into a witch to encourage her class to measure different volumes of coloured elixers, in order to make 500 ml of their very own magic potion.

This pumpkin candle holder is a great art assignment for younger students, or consider introducing your class to this monstrous project featuring “monster” sketches from students around the world.

Did you know that Ireland is considered the birthplace of Halloween? Dive into more legend and lore of the season with these 10 facts, sure to impress your students. A simple Google search will net hundreds of trivia about Halloween—more than enough material for a “spooky” pop quiz.

Music and Science come together in this Teachers Media International video, where the song Dem Bones inspires a class to discover basic anatomy while matching the appropriate scientific terms. Students are then given a puzzle of paper bones, which they piece together to make a human skeleton.

Looking for an alternative to Halloween? Why not celebrate Historical Figure Day with 10 lesson plan ideas that help students bring the past to life?

Be sure to check the blog this Friday, where we’ll scare up a few great writing prompts guaranteed to spook your students’ imaginations into action. And as always, we’d love to read about your ideas—share in the comments!

~ The Teachers Media Team

Note: “Header image: BY- http://plusquotes.com / Creative Commons


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