12 Days of Teaching: 7 Christmas Decoration Ideas to do with your Students

During this often chaotic time of year, it’s important to slow down and focus on some of the great things about the festive season, such as holiday décor.

Whether you’re planning to “Deck the Classroom” or simply provide students with crafts they can give as gifts, our 12 Days of Teaching post today has seven Christmas decoration ideas that are simple, environmentally friendly, and fun.

  1. STAR ORNAMENT: All you’ll need is paper, straw, beads, coloured ribbon and pipe cleaners to make these eye-catching star ornaments. A variety of bead choices will allow students to easily individualise their projects.


  2. RECYCLED CARDBOARD TREE: Rather than chop down a tree, why not use one that’s already been recycled? You’ll be amazed at how a couple of cardboard boxes can create a stunning holiday tree canvas.


  1. DRIFTWOOD TREE: Another variation of a recycled tree is this stunning driftwood craft. Step by step instructions are offered here.


  2. UPCYCLED HOLLY LEAF HOLIDAY CARD WREATH: A Styrofoam ring forms the base for this paper holly wreath that will provide students hours of cutting and arranging.


  3. RUSTIC SNOWFLAKES: Fashion these rustic snowflakes out of foraged twigs, pine needles, berries, old buttons and ribbons!


  4. CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATION: Dozens of great ideas on this website, including these easy-to-make (and inexpensive) Christmas tree decorations.


  5. WRAPPING PAPER: We wrap up this list (see what we did there?) with environmentally-friendly ideas for giftwrap. Consider fabric, comic strips, newspaper, wallpapers, calendars and more!


Keeping with the theme of promoting an environmentally-friendly season, take a look at this article, which includes great tips for “going green” this Christmas.

Concerned you’ll have trouble motivating the artistic side of your students? Teachers Media International has you covered! This video resource speaks to how to inspire creativity—even for students who are generally not excited about arts and crafts projects.

Share some of your class creations with us in the comments. We’d love to see the holiday décor projects happening in classrooms around the world.

~ The Teachers Media Team



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