12 Days of Teaching: 9 In-Class Videos


We understand that student focus tends to waver at this time of the year—so we asked our Director of Education, Betty Morris, to scour the Teachers Media International resource library for her top nine video recommendations that you can show in the classroom.

For primary students, consider these five in-class videos:

Rescued by Rover
In this silent Language Arts lesson starter, black and white film footage helps students understand structure and narrative. It’s the perfect complement for Betty’s #2 choice…

Using Archived Film
Although this resource is more for teachers, it demonstrates how archived film, like Rescued by Rover, can be used in Language Arts lessons to explore the structure of narrative, character, and setting.

Lily & Ermine
Spark student writing with this animated video prompt. The story is told without dialogue, giving teachers a chance to encourage students to write imaginatively and descriptively.

Algebra: What’s the pattern? 
See if your students can work out the algebraic pattern after watching this lesson starter based around how many people can sit at a birthday party table. A good prompt to delve into patterning, both visual and numerical.

Micro-Organisms: Making Bread and Cheese
Teach students how micro-organisms can be beneficial in food production, with this short documentary. This is a great complement to the food shows that are even popular with younger kids.

For secondary students, Betty has selected these four engaging and relevant video resources:

Bullying Girls: The Issues
This 3-minute video is designed to stimulate discussion around the issue of girls bullying other girls.

Managing Water in Kenya 
In this short video, students will learn how the need for water dominates a family in Kenya’s lives. This is a great prompt for global citizenship and environmental awareness.

Asperger’s Syndrome
In this video, a seemingly well-behaved and well-performing school student, describes the emotional distress he felt as his Asperger’s syndrome caused him to struggle socially at school. This video will help students to become aware of issues around inclusion.

English: Studying Sherlock Holmes
The short stories of Sherlock Holmes are studied in this 15-minute video.

Of course, this is just a sample of the videos available from the Teachers Media International archive—register today to access more than 3,500 video resources, including more than 400 specifically geared for student viewing.

And if you’ve missed some of the posts in our 12 Days of Teaching blog series, you can start back at One Project Based Learning Activity here.

Have a great weekend!

~ The Teachers Media Team


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